Resource Guide

Useful Clinical Skills Guides

Geeky Medics

  • Covers a wide variety of clinical skills that are essential to a medical student! This includes history taking, communication, examinations etc…


  • OSCE stop provides a concise list of “need-to-know” for the various topics for OSCEs!

Life in the Fast Lane

  • Covers ECG basics, ECG by diagnosis and clinical cases.
  • Provides ECG quizzes as well.


  • Information on various surgical information – procedure, pre-ops assessment, post-ops assessment etc.


  • Applied clinical anatomy
  • Contains an extensive Q-bank

Radiology Masterclass

  • Tutorials that help with foundational knowledge radiological interpretation
  • Gallery of x-rays that show pathology and some quizzes.


  • Rapidly growing open-edit educational radiology resource which has been primarily compiled by radiologists and radiology trainees from across the world​.


University of Leeds – Histology

  • Provides a virtual experience of learning histology via a virtual microscope.

The University of Western Australia – Histology

  • Provides essential information on histology.
  • Allows you to revise via the MCQ and SAQ questions provided.

University of Wisconsin – Histology

  • Covers an extensive range of histology topics.

Histology guide

  • Provides essential information on histology.
  • Intend to use with the textbook.

Chapman Histology 

  • Provide 3 minute explanations that are simple yet detailed on various topics in histology.

Anatomy & Physiology


  • TeachMeAnatomy provides an insightful information of anatomy, which is accompanied with its eye-catching and easy-to-remember diagrams and pictures!


  • Biology and medicine videos organised by system.
  • Covers biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, as well as pathophysiology of some diseases as well.

University of Utah – Neuroanatomy

  • Resource for learning neuroanatomy, with syllabus chapters.
  • Lots of images, quizzes and interactive animations.

Medbullets Step 1

  • Has notes based on topics, a few questions (with answers and explanation) at the end. 
  • Other features are locked (have to pay).

Zygote Body

  • 3D visualisation of the human body, good for the relationships of various body parts.
  • No further description of anatomy.


Khan Academy

  • Various video tutorials on different topics.
  • Has videos on cell structure, cell processes, macromolecules (click on the tab – Science and Engineering → AP Biology).
  • Has introduction to various systems and some system diseases (click on the tab – Science → health and medicine).


University of Utah – Pathology

  • Images and annotations that show pathology.
  • Virtual patient cases.

Pathology Atlas

  • Annotated images of basic pathology lesions with very short explanation.
  • Not much detail, just a photo atlas to supplement learning. 


  • Videos explaining different system pathologies.
  • Simple explanations for basic understanding.


Pathology Outlines

  • Short summaries of different pathologies with clinical histological images
  • Web page might be overwhelming, strongly advised to utilise ctrl-F function to find the pathology you are looking for.

Calgary Guide

  • Flow charts that link disease pathophysiology and disease manifestation (clinical findings and complications).
  • Mind maps for pharmacology and physiology too.


  • Notes on definition, aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment. 
  • Detailed with links to academic journals/references.