SMSANZ Mentorship Programme 2021/2022

The SMSANZ Mentorship Programme is a new initiative piloted by the Events team, geared towards bridging the gap between Singaporean medical students studying overseas and Singapore’s local network in the healthcare industry. We aim to do this by introducing committed and enthusiastic mentors, experts in their field who are willing to mentor interested mentees. Thus, we aim to provide students with an avenue to be molded and shaped into competent doctors, and be connected to someone in the industry that they could look up to, that could guide them in their medical journey. 

The emphasis of this programme is for students to develop in non-academic areas; competencies that are not taught in school, to become a more confident and competent doctor. It should be noted that as a pilot programme, we require individuals who are willing to actively engage in the sessions and provide earnest post-session feedback. 

The aims of the programme are:

  • To establish a community/network of students and doctors that could learn and grow holistically from one another.
  • Provide opportunities for experienced doctors to groom the next generation of doctors
  • To provide a platform whereby students can comfortably clear doubts that they have during their medical journey and be mentored by experienced doctors. 

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