Beyond Borders
Beyond Borders is a humanitarian based medical aid trip initiated by the 2018 CIP Committee. This project aims to empower medical students to contribute positively towards global healthcare equity through providing a platform for medical volunteerism. It also aims to equip SMSANZ medical students with the necessary skills and knowledge for organising medical volunteering trips, working in under-resourced environments, while providing sustainable medical relief to the local communities overseas.
In 2018, the inaugural Beyond Borders volunteers went to the villages in Chiang Mai, Thailand and were involved in the preparation of clinical logistics, running of clinics, and providing educational sessions for the villagers.
In 2022, the Beyond Borders team partnered with New Hope Cambodia, an NGO in Siem Reap. They were involved in running health checkups and education for students at the Helen Bonner Health Centre, and distributed food packages to children and their families.

Teddy Bear Hospital
The Teddy Bear Hospital is an initiative by the 2017 CIP Committee, targeted at children aged 5-10. This workshop aims to alleviate childhood anxiety towards the medical environment, and educating children about managing their own health. This workshop comprises of several stations, “Teddy visits the Doctor”; “Why did Teddy Fall Sick”; “Keep Teddy Healthy”; “What is on Teddy’s Plate” and “Teddy has fainted!”. Participants will learn how to keep their teddy bears healthy through a series of games and activities. These provide a fun environment for children while understanding doctor visits and other important health messages. Students from all healthcare-related disciplines are also given the opportunity to enhance their communication and understanding of child health.  

Project SHARE
Project SHARE is a community-based geriatric screening and intervention programme for elderly who may not be well connected to health and social services in Singapore. SHARE is an acronym for our intended goals of: Screening, Health Awareness, Reconnection, Education.

External Organisations
SMSANZ works with various external organisations, including NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and Yishun Community Hospital, in providing members with ample volunteering opportunities in Singapore. Our members had been involved in various volunteering opportunities with these organisations such as Project iRemember, Neighbourhood Health Service Kids, Yishun Community Health Screening, and SMART Nurses Community Nurse Post.