On 6 January 2023, we held our first Networking Cocktail. It was definitely an event many looked forward to as it was SMSANZ’s first physical social event since the start of the COVID pandemic.

At the dinner event, our attendees were treated to a tasteful selection of canapes and buffet dishes; everyone had a good time socialising in the elegantly decorated private event room of Food For Thought @ National Museum of Singapore. We had the pleasure of hosting 9 doctors of various specialities and levels, from different healthcare clusters.

We also had 22 students from various year groups in universities all over Australia. The purpose of the event was to launch our Mentorship Programme which would be commencing a few weeks post-event, and for our mentors and mentees to get to know one another. It was also a good opportunity for everyone to network and build professional relationships.

We were aiming to have 50 participants, but did not manage to hit that number. Initially, we were also planning to include a charity raffle for the night. Each NC ticket purchased would have allowed the participant to participate in our charity raffle, and participants would have had the option to purchase extra raffle tickets to go into the draw.

We were hoping for the event proceeds to be donated to Hope Centre Singapore or Rare Disorders Society Singapore. However, the potential prize sponsors we contacted did not manage to revert to us, and we did not manage to gain enough ticket sales to purchase prizes using our event revenue. Nonetheless, this is an idea we will be relooking, and hope to implement for the next Networking Cocktail. 

This year’s event was a success for sure, and we hope to make the next one bigger and better!