2022 Orientation Camp Committee Recruitment

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the year again! The BIGGEST social event in SMSANZ history is back. Want to INSPIRE the next generation of doctors-to-be? Want to make new CONNECTIONS with both juniors and peers from other universities? Well you’re just in luck. Spots for our Orientation Committee are empty and we need YOU! 

Roles available:

  1. Convenor and Vice-Convenor ⭐
  2. Programmes Officer(s) 👾
  3. Publicity and Creative Officer(s) 🎤
  4. Logistics and Liaison Officer(s) ⚔️

Things to prepare: 

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Short write-up (not more than 200 words) on motivation for applying, to be submitted via the application form.

How to apply:

  1. 📋 Application form here
  2. 📩 Submit your CV to events@smsanz.sg 
  3. 🗓 Book your interview time slot here

Recruitment Timeline 

April19 April: Commence Application
7 May: Closing Applications
Weekdays : 6 – 8pm SGT 
Saturdays: 10am – 12pm SGT

Role Descriptions

Camp Convenor(s)
Lead : set clear vision, direction and step-wise goals ; ensure successful planning and execution of the camp 

Coordinate : delegation of roles within the team, working timelines within the committee

Engage : the freshmen, committee and alumni in reaching the objectives of the camp 
We are looking for charismatic, highly motivated leaders with an energetic spirit!Great if you have experience with managing a committee!We promise the opportunity to impact lives, form 11/10 friendships, leave a legacy!We need you. Come join us!
Programmes Officer(s)
Games Creation : wet games , dry games, night activities, you name it, we do it!

Management : of programmes committee, OGs, station masters

Recruitment : OGLs, station masters, night hike/walk personnels 
We are looking for spontaneous, creative leaders with an apt for planning!Great if you have experience with planning and organisation!We promise crazy fun and 101% support given to your ideas (as long as it’s safe)! We need you. Come join us!
Logistics & Liaison Officer(s)
Management :of logistics committee, logistic suppliers, food caterers, location use

Liaison : education and healthcare agencies, alumni, relevant external organisations 

Operations : freshmen contact and recruitment process, location/staycation rental
We are looking for manipulative but friendly people who can talk to anyone and everyone!Great if you have lobangs and discounts!We promise opportunities for shrewd negotiations and an exciting professional networking experience! We need you. Come join us! 
Publicity & Creative Officer(s)
Content Creation : social media, posters, videos 

Designing : camp merchandise, memorabilia and T shirts

Publicity Campaign : to create and lead a publicity programme

Management : of photography team and montage of camp
We are looking for passionate, creative people with an eye for design! Great if you have experience with editing softwares (Photoshop, After Effects, etc)! We promise free-range on your artistry and style! We need you. Come join us!