2023 Freshies Orientation – Camp Audere

Camp Audure was the first physical orientation camp right after COVID-19. Planning and organising an orientation camp in a post-pandemic climate can be challenging due to the ongoing uncertainties and constantly changing health and safety regulations. We also had our largest orientation as of yet! Camp Audere had 20 orientation group leaders (OGLs) and station masters (SM), 63 freshies, and 10 subcommittee leaders.  However, even under these stressful constraints, we managed to plan and execute an orientation camp that not only are we proud of, but an enjoyable experience for all participants. 


An orientation camp for students is an excellent opportunity for them to bond, socialize, and have fun with their peers. It is a chance for new students to get to know each other and for existing students to strengthen their friendships. The primary purpose of an orientation camp is to provide students with an enjoyable and immersive experience that can help them adjust to their new surroundings and build connections. This is especially important as these students embark on their journey to a foreign country alone. The friendships and connections that they make during this camp can help ease their transition as they settle down in medical school.

The satisfaction that comes with planning an orientation camp is unparalleled. It is the result of months of hard work, coordination, and dedication from the organizers. Seeing the participants enjoy the activities and forge new friendships is an incredibly fulfilling experience. The satisfaction felt after planning an orientation camp goes beyond personal gratification. It is a feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing that you have contributed positively to the community. An orientation camp is not just about having fun and making friends, but also about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.