2022 OGL/SM Recruitment

📣📣 Calling all Meddies! 

We are looking to recruit Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs)  & Station Masters (SMs)  to facilitate O’Camp and make our freshies feel reassured and welcomed before they start their medical adventure ✨

For any queries, feel free to email us at orientation@smsanz.sg. We look forward to seeing your application! 🧑‍⚕️

Event Details



18 OCT 2021Commence Application
1 Nov 2021Closing Applications 
11-25 Nov 2021Interviews: Weekdays : 6 – 8pm SGT Saturdays: 10am – 12pm SGT
8-9 JanAdventum Orientation Camp’22

Role descriptions

Orientation Group Leader (OGLs)
Role: Lead and Hype up the OG! Facilitate the OG in playing all kinds of exciting and fun games, and ensuring that each OGLing has a fair chance of participating. Encourage OGLings to bond with one another and have fun!

We are looking for: We want OGLs that are cheerful, kind and inclusive to make even the shyest OGLings feel comfortable and bonded with their OG!
Station Masters (SMs)
Role: Be in charge of a particular station game and understand the rules and regulations of the game, as well as tabulating the point each OG obtained from the games. To guide both OGLings and OGLs in game play and lend out a helping hand whenever needed!

We are looking for: Fun-loving people who will enjoy facilitating fun games and leading OGLings through the games.


What is the programme modality (Physical or through Zoom/Skype)

The SMSANZ OCamp Committee is currently preparing for both modalities of Camp in light of the unstable Covid Situation. Although we are all hopeful for a physical camp, there is a very high chance that the Camp may end up fully online.

What is the commitment period/level?

As an OGL/SM, you will be involved in several dry runs to familiarise yourself with the camp and the camp itself. We have 2 dry runs, which are tentatively held on 6 DEC – 7 DEC, as well as 27-28 DEC. The camp itself will be 8-9 JAN. We strongly recommend all OGLS and SMs to be able to be involved in all 3 dates. 

Can I apply for OGL/SM if I am currently offshore?

We are happy for you to apply! The more the merrier! 

Who can I contact for more information? 

Please feel free to email us at orientation@smsanz.sg for any queries.