SMSANZ Mentorship Program – Mentors

Hello Mentors! Here’s everything you need to know about the programme and how to apply! Please feel free to email us at for any queries. 

Eligibility Criteria 📜

  • Has graduated from Medical School either from Singapore or Overseas
  • Currently practicing medicine in Singapore 
  • Needs to be able to commit from July 2021 to May 2022, approximately one mentoring session every 4 months

How to apply? 💬

  • Meet the eligibility criteria and is interested in applying for the Mentorship Programme
  • Expression of interest form:
  • Please note that this application is solely an expression of interest, and a confirmation email will be sent to you after the Program Induction (on 17th July), where you can let us know if you still wish to be a part of the program. 
  • Spots are limited, do sign up early to secure a spot!

Your role as a mentor & commitment levels 👨‍🎓

  • Groups have to meet at least once every 3 months (either through zoom or face to face)
  • Mentor a group of 2-4 Singaporean medical students studying in Australian/ New Zealand. Students can either be based in Singapore or Overseas
  • Conduct fruitful mentoring sessions with a group of mentees over a meal/ zoom/ a fun activity etc. Communication with students can be done over a medium of your preference (e.g. Whatsapp, Telegram etc.)
  • Based on your indicated preference in the final mentor preference form, you can be paired together with another mentor in your group.
  • Fill in a feedback form at the end of every block, where you will get the chance to provide words of encouragement to your mentees, and comment on how the programme is going so far!

Timeline of Programme 🗓️

Application period for mentorsFri, 6th June 2021Applications close on 10th July
Programme Induction Day17th July 2021
Mentor/Mentee Matching ConfirmationSat, 7th August 2021
Block 1August 2021October 2021
Block 2December 2021February 2022
Block 3March 2022April 2022
Programme ClosingMay 2022

Program Outline 🎨

This mentorship programme will kick off with program induction, and will be split into 3 parts: Blocks 1, 2 and 3, each with a different theme!

Activity Description
Programme InductionMass Zoom briefing of all mentees and mentors who have filled up the EOI form. This session is to mainly allow mentees to get to know who their potential mentors are in order to aid them in choosing their mentors. 
Block 1 (Aug 2021 – Oct 2021)Exam preparation period
The 1st group session between mentors and mentees! 👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️This can be a get-to-know-each-other session, and a session to communicate each other’s expectations for the programme. The recommended themes of this block are exam preparation, work life balance and OSCE tips ☺️
Block 2 (Dec 2021 – February 2022)Post exam period/ School Break
The 2nd group session 👀🤩 With exams being over, it is time for holidays to begin! With more free time and books being off student’s minds for the time being, students can participate in job shadowing opportunities together, learn about clinical etiquette and contemplate about medical ethics. Students can also bond by going out and doing fun activities together! (It’s the holidays! 🥳) 
Block 3 (Mar 2022 – April 2022)Starting a new term
For many, university life is ending and work life is going to start. What are some skills that doctors need in order to excel in the workplace environment? 🩺 Housemanship and internship is going to be tough. Without preparation, many might feel lost. The recommended themes of this block are study techniques, choosing specialization, surviving Housemanship and Medical Officer and how to work with others 😌
Programme Closing (May 2022)Mass Zoom Debrief
This session would mark the end of the programme, we hope that everyone has enjoyed their experiences as mentors/mentees! 🥰🥰
Feel free to use this time to reflect upon how you have grown as a group, and moving forward, how you would like to potentially continue your dynamics. 
Please do not forget to provide us with feedback on how you found the programme as well so we can better it for you in the future! Thank you for your participation in the programme 😊