2022 Orientation Subcommittee Recruitment

HELLO fellow Meddies! 👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️🤩

Are you bored of being stuck here in Singapore attending zoom classes? Want to get involved in something exciting☀️💥? Want to meet new friends from all over Australia and New Zealand🌅🏔️? Look no further!!

The 2022 SMSANZ orientation committee ⛰🎆 is looking for subcommittee members to help in the process of planning a fun-filled and engaging orientation programme for our incoming juniors! There are many exciting plans and fun-filled ideas that we would love your help exploring further with!

Join us if you want to play a part in organising a camp to make nervous freshies feel comforted and welcomed before they embark on their journeys in medical schools across Australia and New Zealand🌏🏞🌄. 

What are you waiting for🤘🤘🤩!?

Subcommittee roles include:

  • Vice-Convenor 🤓🪔
  • Programmes Member🏕💡
  • Logistics and Liaisons Member📋💰
  • Publicity and Creativity Member🎉🎥

Click HERE for the sign up link!

JULY17 July: Commence Application
2 August: Closing Applications
AUGUSTInterviews (1-7 Aug)
Weekdays : 6 – 8pm SGT
Saturdays: 10am – 12pm SGT
Vice Camp Covenor(s)Assisting Convenor: Assist the Convenor in direction and step-wise goals; ensure successful planning and execution of the camp

Engaging the freshmen, committee and alumni in reaching the objectives of the camp  

We are looking for charismatic, highly motivated individuals with an energetic spirit! It would be great if you have experience with managing a committee! But fret not if you do not, for we all will work as a team and help each other! We promise the opportunity to impact lives, form 11/10 friendships, and leave a legacy! Come join us!
Programmes SubcommitteeGames Creation: wet/dry games, night activities, you name it, we do it! Our programme officer will appreciate any creative ideas you bring along  

Recruitment: Assist with recruitment of OGLs, station masters, night hike/walk personnels  

We are looking for spontaneous, creative individuals with an apt for planning! It would be great if you have experience with planning and organisation! We promise crazy fun and 101% support given to your ideas (as long as it’s safe)! We need you. Come join us!
Logistics & Liaison SubcommitteeAssisting the Logistics Officer: liaising with logistics committee, suppliers, food caterers and venues  

Liaising with education and healthcare agencies, alumni, relevant external organisations  

Operations: freshmen contact and recruitment process, venue rental
Publicity & Creative SubcommitteeContent Creation: Social media, posters, videos Designing: Camp merchandise, memorabilia and T shirts

Assisting Publicity Officer: with creating and leading a publicity programme Photography: of the camp and event!  

We are looking for passionate, creative people with an eye for design! It would be great if you have experience with editing softwares (Photoshop, After Effects, etc)! We promise free-range on your artistry and style! We need you. Come join us!

Applications closing on Friday, 2nd August 2359pm SGT.

For any queries, feel free to email us at orientation@smsanz.sg. We look forward to seeing your application! 🧑‍⚕️