2022 Mentorship Programme Introduction

The purpose of a medical mentorship program is to provide guidance, support, and adivce to medical students as they navigate their careers in medicine. A mentorship program can help to enhance the educational experience of medical students and residents by providing them with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who can share their knowledge and insights about the profession.Mentors can provide guidance on a wide range of topics such as career paths, research opportunities, networking, and work-life balance. They can also serve as role models for professionalism, leadership, and ethical behaviour in medicine. 

We had 47 medical students and 13 doctors that signed up for Mentorship Programme 22/23. One challenge we faced was finding experienced and willing mentors who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise can be challenging. Many experienced physicians and other medical professionals are already busy with their own work and may not have the time or availability to take on a mentee. Another notable challenge that we faced was matching mentors and mentees. Matching participants based on their interests, goals, and personalities is essential to the success of a mentorship program. However, it can be challenging to find the right match for every participant in the program.

In the future, we hope to be able to offer longitudinal mentorship: Rather than a one-time mentorship experience, programs can offer longitudinal mentorship, with mentors providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the mentee’s medical training and career.