2022 AWARE Sexual Assault First Responder Training

This is the first year that SMSANZ worked together with AWARE to provide sexual assault first responder training to our members. As medical professionals, doctors may be called upon to provide care to survivors of sexual assault. Sexual assault first responder training can help doctors to provide the appropriate medical care, including the collection of evidence, and referrals to appropriate support services. Sexual assault first responder training is important for medical students as it can help to improve the quality of care for survivors, and promote a safe and supportive environment for reporting and disclosure.

We had an overwhelming response, with over 30 participants. The feedback on the ground was that the members really benefited from this workshop. Many of the participants felt that they were more confident in treating sexual assault victims if they faced one in the future. 

This was the first time working with AWARE. We hope to continue with this successful partnership for years to come!