Dialect and Language Programmes
Since 2015, SMSANZ has partnered with Viriya Community Service Centre during the summer and winter vacations to deliver the Hokkien Dialect Programme, a flagship event of SMSANZ. The programme teaches participants conversational Hokkien, focusing on clinical conversations. In 2018, the Cantonese Dialect Programme was also introduced. The Language Programmes Initiative was established by the 2018 Education Committee, which aims to teach participants conversational Malay and Chinese, focusing on clinical conversations. These programmes recruit Malay and Mandarin speaking members of SMSANZ to craft the curriculum and tutor their peers over the 2 day interactive workshop.

Basic Skills Workshop
An initiative by the 2018 Education Committee, this workshop begins with a theory session on the basics of suturing techniques, instrument ties, types of surgical instruments and suture materials, followed by practicing various basic suturing techniques. This programme recruits senior medical students of SMSANZ to faciliate and tutor their juniors.

Advanced Skills Workshop
Targetted at clinical year students, the SMSANZ first collaborated with the NHG Education in 2019 to bring to our members the Advanced Skills Workshop. The workshop allowed participants to refresh basic suturing skills and learn new surgical skills including laparoscopy.

Medversation is a biennial seminar initiated by the 2018 Education Committee. Medversation 2018, Singapore’s Healthcare Landscape: A Decade from Now, aimed to inform SMSANZ members about the Singapore healthcare landscape, upcoming healthcare challenges, and the role of medical students and junior doctors in patient care. It also served as a platform for SMSANZ members to network and learn from reputable Singapore healthcare professionals through talks and discussion panels with keynote speakers.

Residency Open Houses
SMSANZ collaborates with the National Healthcare Group (NHG), Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) and the National University Health System (NUHS) annually in arranging residency open houses open to all Australian and New Zealand medical students.

COVID-19 Teaching Series
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SingHealth PGY1 Programme established the HOME (Helping Overseas Medics’ Education) Initiative which aims to provide teaching sessions to overseas medical students via online platforms. SMSANZ members regardless of the university and year level have been able to benefit from these sessions.

The SMSANZ is also proud to announce that this year, we are collaborating with Adjunct Assistant Professor Endean Tan from the NHG to bring to our members teaching sessions targeted at exam-oriented topics as well as Internal Medicine topics based on MOH’s expectations of new graduates.