2021 Coffee Conversations December

This SMSANZ Networking Series: Coffee Conversation event aims to continue giving our SMSANZ members a platform to network and learn about the Singapore healthcare system. Our members are medical students studying in Australia or New Zealand, most of which are currently stuck here in Singapore, as borders back overseas have not been open. This event mainly serves as an opportunity for these students to learn from various clinicians of different specialities, especially since there is a lack of student clinical attachments and face to face networking opportunities this year.  

In order to gain a better understanding of the different specialisations that students are interested in, both students and invited specialists are invited to have an informal and sponsored meal of up to $20

Hello Participants! Here’s everything you need to know about the Coffee Conversations and how to register! 

Registration Period: 6th November to 26th November 

Price of Registration: NIL

Link to google form: Links to the different signup forms are in the table under the FAQ section
Location: Face-to-face in Singapore (4 students & 1 doctor), we are aiming to have at least one online meeting so that students from Australia can join in with Coffee Conversations as well.

Programme Outline

Application period for Participants 6th November 26th November 
Participants Confirmation 1st December 
Group Allocation5th December 
Coffee Conversations Period10th December 24th December 


What is the Eligibility Criteria for Participation?

  • Interested in having honest conversations with peers of common mindset
  • Willing to actively participate in discussions and contribute to the conversion in positive manner
  • Just want to enjoy a sponsored night out (Unless measures change)

Which doctors have been confirmed for this round’s Coffee Conversations?

DoctorSpeciality Sign Up Form 
Dr Esther ChanPaediatric Surgeryhttps://forms.gle/n3Ra6DBCGEkhS1Et9
Dr Colin YeoCardiology and Electrophysiology Specialist https://forms.gle/mdB6pzE9gAxu8H7A9
Dr Ng Wee KhoonGastroenterologyhttps://forms.gle/q687DbKzVkonAEWR7
Dr Prasad Palanisamy General Surgery https://forms.gle/Cm1imJ3Np2dWDLuu7
Dr Lee Oh Chong Leng Family Medicine https://forms.gle/SqyUqYEREevY3ZyE9
Dr Kong Yongyao Neurology https://forms.gle/LyuVgexeyLhNu5rx6
Dr Hong Rilong 
Cardiology https://forms.gle/SDZ9985QcCWWLtp38
Dr Guo Yuxin 
General Surgery https://forms.gle/APffzewiiyfCtFF68
Dr Felicia Chua Hui Zhuang Neurosurgery https://forms.gle/ezpiJoQq35GzRXAE8
And more to come! Watch our social platforms for updates 🙂

Will there be more doctors participating in this programme!

Yes! We are still trying to get more doctors on board for this programme! If we do get more doctors, we will post updates on our social media platforms (Facebook group, Telegram Chat and website). So do look out for these updates! 

Who can I contact for more information? – Please feel free to email us at events@smsanz.sg for any queries.