2022 OGling Recruitment

JOIN the 2022 SMSANZ Orientation Camp to meet freshies like YOU who will also be going to Australia to study Medicine!! JOIN to meet seniors who can give you advice and share their unique Med School experiences with YOU!! You will get to take part in intriguing games, and an escape room thought up especially for you, and make friends with other medical students from different unis. Most importantly, JOIN to have fun!!🙆‍♀️

Start your Med School adventure with us! 😉

For any queries, feel free to email us at orientation@smsanz.sg. We look forward to seeing you there! 🧑‍⚕️

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Event Details

Registration Period

14 Nov 2021Commence Application
22 Dec 2021Closing Applications
8-9 Jan 2022Adventum Orientation Camp’22


What is the programme modality (Physical or through Zoom/Skype)?

The SMSANZ OCamp Committee is currently preparing for both modalities in light of the unstable COVID-19 Situation. We are hopeful for a physical camp come January 2022. Please do keep an eye out for your emails, we will update when the modality is decided!

How long will the Camp run for?

The camp runs for 2 days. 

How much will the camp cost?

The price of the ticket for Camp Adventum is currently approximately $20-35. Payments will be made at a later date when the price has been confirmed. 

What will I be doing?

Camp Adventum is filled with games and puzzles, we have also specially included a session for you to meet the seniors from your specific schools. This camp is specially designed to allow you to meet other medical students studying in Australia from Singapore and gain a community. 

Who can I contact for more information? 

Please feel free to email us at orientation@smsanz.sg for any queries.