2021 basic language workshop – mentees

Ever wanted to learn a new language or improve your current command of language?
The Basic Language Programme aims to provide medical students with the opportunity to learn languages that would enable them to better communicate with patients in the future. Additionally, students will get to learn medical terminology, have the opportunity to simulate possible clinical scenarios and practice the terms learnt in small groups. The 2 languages that will be included in the Basic Language Programme 2021 are Malay and Mandarin and the classes will run over 2 days.

Hello Mentees! Here is everything you need to know about the programme! Please feel free to email us at events@smsanz.sg for any queries. 

Event Details

Registration period: 7th November 2021 to 29th November 2021 

Price of Registration: $2.50*

Link to google form: https://forms.gle/2jbT8Dx7xJUjx1jB8 

*Registration fee would go towards the purchase of gift vouchers for mentors.

Date, Time and Location of Basic Language Programme 

Date Location
4th & 11th December 2021 *updated*Zoom 

Event Timeline

Day 1: Online lesson via Zoom [3 hours] 

10 00 – 10 15Introduction
10 15 – 11 25Lesson: Conversational Chinese with Basic Medical vocabulary 
11 25 – 11 30 Break 
11 30 – 12 30  Lesson: Advanced Medical Vocabulary 
12 30 – 13 00  Lesson consolidation / Q&A 
13 00 End of Session

Day 2: Practice session via Zoom [3 hours] 

10 00 – 10 45 Recap and briefing 
10 45 – 11 00 Explanation of the programme for the day and splitting into breakout rooms of 3-5
11 00 – 12 30Practice sessions: Groups to rotate between different stations to practice speaking Chinese in different medical scenarios 
12 30 – 12 45Feedback, evaluation and certificates
12 45 – 13 00 Debrief 
13 00 End of Session


What is the programme modality?

The programme will be fully online via the Zoom platform for the safety of participants and mentors.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please feel free to email us at events@smsanz.sg for any queries.